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The Character Strengths That Can Help Boost Productivity and Wellbeing


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In recent years the importance of wellbeing and productivity across all areas of life has received increased focus, 不仅仅是在教室里, 但在家庭和工作场所也一样.

One university in Mexico has sought to address this trend by becoming the first in the world to develop a scientific master’s program focused on these areas.

在科学研究的基础上 掌握积极的领导力 at 大学Tecmilenio teaches students to build character-strength-based teams in order to have a positive impact on both society and productivity.


在21世纪初, scientists discovered 24 人格力量 that give us all our very own unique character profile. 这些 人格力量 可分为六个类别:

It is believed that focusing on your strengths and developing these 而不是 tackling your weaknesses is better for your happiness, 生产力和参与程度.

In a recent interview, the Director of 大学Tecmilenio’s 幸福与幸福研究所 Rosalinda Ballesteros spoke about turning negatives within your team into a positive, 如何这样做可以帮助取得更好的结果, 而不是 “constantly correcting mistakes and trying to correct what is lacking.”

这个心理学领域, 被称为"积极心理学", is at the heart of the 掌握积极的领导力 at 大学Tecmilenio. 学生学习 各种各样的模块 发展他们对社会福利的认识, 积极领导, 积极人际关系的好处, as well as their understanding of happiness and wellbeing tools. 

The 幸福与幸福研究所 at 大学Tecmilenio aims to ensure positivity and wellbeing is an integral element throughout the university, such as the training and coaching sessions based on positive psychology.


The power that comes with understanding the 24 人格力量 and the part they play in every individual’s life is important for workplace productivity. 组织, managers and leaders are beginning to implement strength-based approaches within the working environment in order to help employees feel happier and more engaged in their roles.

作为人, we’re hard-wired to overlook our positives and focus solely on our negatives and how we can better those. This is where strength-based approaches come into play and help individuals, teams and organizations achieve higher levels of happiness and content, 他们确保了整个公司文化的繁荣.


There are a variety of strengths we can focus on to ensure positive wellbeing in the workplace, 从个人优势到团队优势, 从组织优势到领导优势.

你应该立志成为一名管理者还是领导者, focusing and maximizing on the latter – 领导 skills is one way to do this. 当涉及到领导一个团队时, there are times when things will go wrong and you need to think carefully about how you address such issues with your employees.

而不是自动地把注意力放在消极的事情上, you should instead draw clear lines where things can be improved. Giving feedback should be constructive and lead with an explanation of how things could be done better in future, 而不是指出哪里出了问题.

Definitive goal setting is another way to help boost employee happiness and productivity. While goals should still be challenging, they should be attainable and achievable.

It’s apparent these 人格力量 have a real impact, and so it’s important research continues into finding out more about them, 如何充分利用它们的潜力, 他们的影响力, and how they ultimately contribute to a positive and happy workplace.

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