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5 Ways a 热情好客 Management Degree can Help you Make an Impact in 业务


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由 EHL -酒店管理商学院 

酒店管理学位 teaches you a strong foundation in business management, while also helping you thrive in the hospitality industry. 通过实践和软技能的结合,它将使你葡萄京手机app好领导和启动一个企业. 

然而, 人们普遍的误解是,学习酒店管理学位只会让你进入酒店行业. 实际上,酒店管理的学位可以让你为几乎任何商业环境做好葡萄京手机app. 


A 酒店管理学位 can open up unexpected career paths 

酒店管理学位可能是酒店行业葡萄京手机app的第一步, 但这并不是唯一的结果. 

泰奥·博尔施伯格毕业于 EHL -酒店管理商学院’s bachelor’s degree in International 热情好客 Management.  

他也是OTO的创始人, a high-tech company building next generation speech technology with artificial intelligence, which is used to detect and prevent toxicity in online conversations. 

Teo利用他在大学期间学到的技能和知识,成功地创办了这家初创公司, which was recently acquired by a major gaming company. 

EHL毕业生Janina Pilgrim从EHL酒店管理课程毕业后选择了更传统的路线, working as an assistant manager at one of Asia’s best fine-dining restaurants: Amber, at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong.  

在她的角色, 雅尼娜负责日常运营, staff training and development and sustainability, 与非政府组织合作,并不断审查程序,以确保Amber是一家具有社会责任感的餐厅. 

然而, 雅尼娜说,她是班上少数几个进入传统酒店行业的毕业生之一.  

“Many of my classmates are now successful in areas of marketing, finance or real estate. 他们运用了葡萄京手机app在整个学位课程中学到的技能:对商业的全面理解, 战略决策, 营销和管理技能,怪不得我说.  

Become an expert in customer experience 

In any customer-facing role, excellent customer service skills are essential. 酒店管理学位可以教你在任何商业环境中都需要的沟通和解决问题的技能.  

Janina frequently travelled around the world with her family as she was growing up, staying in hotels that offered excellent customer experience. 她还记得她第一次去北美时,华盛顿特区一家特别受欢迎的酒店.   

“Having come off a transcontinental flight, 葡萄京手机app受到了令人惊叹的建筑和非常友好和专业的工作人员的欢迎,让葡萄京手机app有家的感觉. 我知道我想成为这个行业的一部分,并能够为客人提供这种氛围,怪不得我说.  

At EHL, 学生们由屡获殊荣的厨师和行业专家教授如何给顾客提供米其林星级的体验. The 酒店管理学位 at EHL appealed to Janina due to its mix of 实践与理论课, 这帮助她更好地了解了酒店行业,提高了她的客户服务技能. 

Teo also uses his customer service skills daily, explaining that building excellent customer relationships is essential in every business.  

“酒店管理是提供高水平服务和人际交往的一个很好的研究领域, 哪一个是非常有价值的, retain and satisfy customers and to build a highly functional team,张志贤说.  

Teo was able to apply these  skills both in an advertising business and in his tech start-up. 

Learn practical skills that can be applied to a range of business situations 


From micro-economics to marketing to learning new languages, 从酒店管理学位中学到的技能涉涉面非常广泛,适用于许多商业场合.  

EHL’s international 酒店管理学位 也不例外.  

Janina said: “The classes taught at EHL cover a vast range of areas and subjects, making each graduate an all-rounder that can apply the skills acquired in various fields.” 

She says that EHL adapts its curriculum to meet the business needs of top industry players. 这方面的一个例子是,在整个EHL国际酒店管理课程中,对可持续性的关注越来越多.  

Alongside teamwork and communication skills, EHL’s international 酒店管理学位 taught Teo leadership skills within a team.  





Janina says that entrepreneurship was a skill that she learnt throughout her time at EHL, 特别是通过 extra-curricular activities and committees 她在那所学校上学.  

“Committees built a big foundation of our campus life, enabling students to further their interests in all aspects and honing their skills,怪不得我说.  

She uses the example of EHL’s annual Fête Universelle, 在那里,每个国家的学生都有自己的食物和饮料,并葡萄京手机app表演. This encourages students to be creative and develop their leadership skills. 

Janina said: “I believe this taught us independence and ownership among other skills. 从我的经验, 在任何商业环境中, 那些能够承担责任和当家作主的人是公司所追求的,并且能够产生影响.” 

Teo also found that his time at EHL helped to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills. 


Since graduating EHL, Teo has used these skills daily whilst running his business. 

Make industry connections and gain work experience 


In the fourth semester of EHL’s international 酒店管理学位, 葡萄京手机app鼓励学生根据自己的职业志向完成自己选择的实习. 该实习为学生提供了承担责任的可能性,并将理论的行政和管理概念葡萄京赌网站到实际项目中, 团队和部门. 

Entrepreneurs at EHL can use this time to work on their own start-up project, 在专业教师的指导下,发展企业理念并使之运行. 



毕业后, Janina used the industry contacts she had built to secure herself a job in Hong Kong SAR, working with an EHL alumnus who was starting his own restaurant company.  

“This made me realise the importance of sustainability in food systems, and how much there is still to be done around the world,”她说. 

This article was originally published in October 2021 .

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